About Investment Diary

Investment Diary is unlike any investment advisory newsletter that you have ever read.

It goes into the mind of Ivan Lo, the publisher of the Equedia Letter, one of Canada’s Largest Investment Newsletters. In his investment diary, he shares insights on the investment world as he views it day-by-day.

Investment Diary contains his thoughts – direct, uncut, and unedited. This is where he shares insights and secrets on upcoming sectors and gives you a direct view of the rumours and ideas the “Street” is talking about.

Subscribers will get access to the same investment ideas (including private placements*) that Ivan Lo invests in, that he is looking at, and even companies that the Street is talking about behind closed doors.

If you want to get the full scoop on the market place and receive information on upcoming investments that you won’t find anywhere else, subscribe to Investment Diary today.

*only for accredited and institutional levels