Diary Journal Entries

Breakout Happening

27 Feb 2015

This Company has been hammered lately as a result of a big share position that needed to be unloaded. Yesterday, that share position appeared to have been taken out (you can see it in the market), and today the stock is up significantly. A breakout is happening and we should act quick.

The world’s insecurities are once again putting gold back on the map. The question this time around is: Does it have legs? It just might; at least enough to send some gold stocks higher. The discrepancy between the price of gold and gold stocks has never been worse in all of history. Gold stocks – juniors especially – have taken a tremendous beat down, and many have little-to-no value when compared to the price of gold. However, this differential may be the ticket to some strong profits. Or, at the very least, provide us with some trading opportunities. Here are three gold stocks to look at.

Oil is down but oil stocks are up. The resource-ridden TSX seems to have found some strong support at these levels, and American oil stocks are beginning to bounce back. This could be a sign that oil has found its bottom. Here’s a short list of stocks I am looking at.

Banks are Tapped Out

11 Nov 2014

There are clear signs that the market may be at the tipping point of its peak. I say this because there are things going on behind the scenes with the banks that warrant caution. Here is one of the indicators that no one is talking about.